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5 ways to get rid of that stubborn body fat

Have you ever been on a weight loss program and no matter what you eat and how much exercise you do, that stubborn body fat around your middle just refuses to budge?? If so join the club!

So many people I meet, especially young active mums who are trying to lose weight post pregnancy, all say the same thing. They are all very active, eating sensibly and in some cases even jogging twice a week, but still that stubborn body fat is hanging around.

Unfortunately we are not alone in thinking that we are doing all the right things, but what most of us aren’t aware of is that there are some closely guarded secrets that will really help you to lose that fat permanently

  1. Endless hours of cardio just won’t work if you want to lose weight.  The answer is to start interval training.  You just need to look at the physique of a sprinter to know that this must be true.
  2. The most important part of any weight loss program is the food you eat. Too many carbohydrates may give you immediate energy to enable you to go running, but they won’t help you to get rid of the fat any more than the running will. You need to change your thinking here.
  3. In addition to interval training you need to do resistance training that pushes your body to burn fat.
  4. Crunches are useless. You need to do full body abdominal exercises that will develop you abdominal muscles
  5. Lighter weights and lots of reps is not the way to go. Heavier weights and fewer reps will give your metabolism the biggest boost and won’t give you massive muscles.

This is about weight loss after all not body building, though you do need to develop muscles to help to burn the fat.

Some Weight Loss Programs Just Don't Work

The majority of highly promoted weight loss programs just don’t work. Many of these programs are at best disappointing and at worst making fraudulent claims. The side effects of some of these programs can cause untold damage to your health.

There are several “weight loss pills” available over the counter that promise miraculous results. However it is important to be wary of the side effects of these pills.

  • Appetite Suppressants are intended to reduce your hunger and make you eat less. However it is important to be aware of the effects this might have on your body. Reducing your appetite means you will inevitably be cutting back on your calorific intake. This can actually slow down the fat burning process, as the body goes into starvation mode and slows the metabolism in response. When you start to eat normally again your body will forget to readjust the metabolism and you end up gaining more weight than you originally lost.

  • Starch, fat or carbohydrate blockers. Taking these types of weight loss pills serves only to lie to your body, as they send the message that it is ok to eat all sorts of fattening foods like pastries and pizzas. The pills are intended to block the absorption of any fat, which does little to encourage the dieter to find a healthy diet for the future. These pills are also known to cause unpleasant side effects such as diarrhea and headaches. Weight loss is only likely to be sustained if good eating habits are established

  • The metabolism booster sometimes called a thermogenic pill can be extremely dangerous. It is a very strong stimulant that can put undue pressure on the heart as well causing energy swings and possible insomnia.

At the end of the day it is important to remember that healthy weight loss is about finding a diet for life. If you have put on weight in the past then it is highly likely that you have been eating foods that are not providing you with a healthy well balanced diet that suits your body type. Once you find a diet that is right for you weight loss will be a thing of the past

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