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3 Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid At All Cost

Despite the fact that there is more information available on weight loss than any other time in history, we are still seeing a rise in obesity. All the information available to us doesn’t seem to be having any impact on the mistakes people are making on a daily basis. Unfortunately these mistakes are resulting in complete failure to lose weight. So what are the top 3 mistakes and how can we avoid them

“Over the top Dieters”

Over the top dieters have a habit of choosing a diet that is very strict and requires a will of iron to keep it going. An example of a strict diet is the grapefruit diet, which may promise the earth re weight loss but is unrealistic when it comes to sticking to it for any length of time. Other diets may also restrict certain foods and demand 100% adherence. This too is set to fail. We need to remember that we are all human and it is ok to diet 90% of the time and to have lapses 10% of the time. Being the perfect dieter is unrealistic and inevitably ends up in binge eating and total failure.

It is important to remember that no matter how much weight you need to lose, you need to choose a diet that you can stick to, not only for the duration of your diet but also for life. The diet for life may not need to be as restrictive as the initial diet but it will need to be significantly different from the diet that has made you overweight

Dieters who are martyrs to the cause

Mindset is at least 75% of your diet. If you are feeling sorry for yourself and feeling badly done to because of your restricted diet you need to change your mindset. If you see your diet as a positive challenge to not only lose weight but to improve your health you will have a better chance of success. You also need to include the occasional treat to give yourself a boost or maybe a pat on the back for sticking to your diet the majority of the time

Unclear Goal Setting

Very often people embark on a diet without a clear idea of what they are aiming to achieve. Just wanting to lose weight often isn’t enough. Before you start on any weight loss plan make sure you are clear how much you want to lose and by when. You will need long term and short term goals. Be realistic, and don’t expect to lose too much too quickly. Weight lost slowly with a sensible well balanced diet is more likely to be maintained than one that promises the earth. Be prepared for the fact that some weeks you may plateau whereas other weeks you may lose more than you expected. It is also a good idea to take your measurements as this can often be a more accurate assessment of the true results you are achieving.

If you are committed to achieving your goal permanently it might help you to view your journey as one to improved health, after all very few people who are overweight or obese have no related health problems. Don’t be down hearted if you have a bad day or too, just resolve to pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

Find a weight loss diet plan that appeals to you

Losing weight is notoriously difficult, but it is worth persevering because it can have a profound effect o health. Losing weight can help to lower blood pressure and get cholesterol under control, as well as alleviating the strain on arthritic joints.

For weight loss to be successful it is probably best to approach it as a long term change in lifestyle rather than a short term goal. One of the most important aspects of any weight loss regime is to find a diet plan that suits you and that appeals to you. It is vital that you choose a program that you can stick with long term.

Keep a dietary diary. Write down everything you put in your mouth and more importantly how you felt after that meal or snack. Did it sustain you? Did you have any sugar cravings within 2 hours after the meal? This sort of information will help you to find out which foods are best for you and which foods you can successfully include in your weight loss diet plan.

Remember to eat a high protein breakfast that will sustain you until lunchtime.

If you need to eat snacks between meals try to stick to almonds, peanut butter or a ripe avocado. All of these foods contain mono unsaturated fats (MUFA’s) that will actually help you to lose weight.

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