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Anti-aging Regimes Require a Multifactoral Approach

Having recently reached the age where the title OAP seems both scary and yet seemingly inappropriate (my idea of what constitutes an OAP is a million miles away from how I currently see myself) my attention has been focused on the topics of aging and anti aging. How much of the aging process do we just have to accept as “old age” and how much of it is due to our lifestyle choices? More importantly, if some of it is due to lifestyle choices, what can we do to reduce its impact on us as we approach our 3rd age?

Aging is not the result of any one factor but rather an accumulation of many factors including:

• Excessive body weight
• Changes in hormone levels
• Dehydration
• Toxic build up
• Cell oxidation
• Inflammation
• Diminished enzyme production
• Poor circulation
• General wear and tear

These are just a few of the many causes of the aging process, so you can see that the anti aging process is both multi-factoral and complex, to say the very least. In order to reverse or slow down the aging process we need to find a way to address all of these factors. We need to consider a holistic approach to our health that will address the issues at a systemic level. A careful tailored, step by step program is an excellent starting point to ensure that you feel more youthful and energetic, and ultimately more healthy.

First and foremost we need to change our lifestyle habits and reverse the effects of “what we have done to ourselves” over the years.

We need to look at:-.
• Improving the quality of the foods we eat
• Increasing our daily exercise
• Reducing the toxic load
• Detoxing regularly
• Reducing free radicals
• Boosting the immune system
• Reducing the inflammation

All of the above can be achieved relatively easily with a bit of thought and preparation. It is about re educating yourself to understand the effects that certain lifestyles can have on your overall health and in this case, the aging process. You can then make an informed decision as to whether you want to make the necessary changes for the sake of your health and longevity, and ultimately the anti aging process.

Healthy eating habits for healthy kids

With so much in the news about the rise in childhood obesity and the prevalence of food related behavioral problems, it is important for parents to have some basic understanding of how to look after the health of their children. Most health related issues encountered in children are mainly due to the ignorance of parents rather than a lack of care and concern.

It is important to remember that children learn good eating habits by example. It is no use parents imposing rules on their children that they blatantly are not prepared to adhere to themselves.

As a general rule of thumb the ideal diet for a child should consist of mainly natural wholefoods such as fruit, vegetables, fish and whole grains. It is always best to start as you mean to continue, so the earlier in the child’s life that these habits are formed the easier it will be.

Try to make the food interesting and appealing. Cutting up fruit and veg into small pieces and serving with dips such as yoghurt and hummus is worth a try. You can also put the fruit into smoothies and make soup with the vegetables.

Sweet foods are always a problem with young children. they seem to have a naturally sweet tooth. But remember this doesn’t have to be satisfied with sweets and chocolates and sticky puddings. Many children will enjoy nuts and raisins as a snack or maybe a piece of toast with a nut butter spread. Honey is always a better alternative to sugar and can be used when making homemade cakes and biscuits.

All children need foods that contain omega 3 essential fatty acids, as these are key factors in the development of optimal brain function. 3 servings a week of oily fish such as salmon, sardines or herring. In addition avocados and olive oil are worth considering.

Meal times should be made enjoyable for children and should preferably be a family affair where everyone sits at the table and eats together. Eating while watching the TV doesn’t encourage a healthy attitude towards food and meal times and should be seen as an occasional treat rather than the norm.

If your child has already got into bad eating habits then it would probably be best to take a gentle approach and make small changes over a period of time

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