Low Carb Vegatables for Weight Loss

low carb veg

Low Carb Vegetables for Weight Loss

Ok – so the other day we talked about low carb proteins, today we are going to look at low carb vegetables. It is important to be aware that there are many varieties of low carb diets available. Some of the diets simply require you to count carbs and keep your carb count below a specific daily total, in this case you will need to weigh your foods to have an accurate count at first.

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Science Will Never Beat Nature as Growing Health Crisis Looms

The following is a recent press release regarding the Paleo Diet

The cardiovascular risks associated with unhealthy eating are well documented and becoming ever prevalent in the media. Because of this, more people are gravitating towards a healthy eating lifestyle such as the paleo diet. According to a report by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, a potential ‘processed foods industry’ response to this consumer backlash could be the introduction of a "magic statin pill" that speculatively serves to offset the negative cardiovascular effects of fast-foods.

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Paleolithic Diet

Back to Basics


Having done a lot of research regarding what is a healthy way of eating, I have come to the conclusion that if you base your dietary regime on getting back to basics you won't go far wrong.

If we look back to Paleolithic times, archeological studies demonstrate that the men were agile and strong. Degenerative disease was unknown, as was obesity. Paleolithic man is more popularly referred to as the hunter- gather. So what was the diet that they followed?

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