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new gluten free imageIs Your Gluten Free Diet Healthy Enough to Heal Yor Gut

If you have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance, you will undoubtedly be searching everywhere for gluten free products and gluten free recipes. You will find an amazing array of both products and recipes, but unfortunately some will not be particularly healthy gluten free alternatives and you may well be including many unhealthy alternatives in your gluten free diet. 
I was diagnosed Gluten Intolerant just over 4 years ago. For the first couple of years I scoured the shops for gluten free alternatives and thought I was doing really well with my gluten free diet until I realised that actually – my symptoms were not really improving. So I set out to discover the truth about Gluten Free diets and found a lot of information that I had previously been unaware of
Really Gluten Free Living was my attempt to get my message across to other people in a similar situation to me. In my book you will find information on gluten free products, the good, the bad and the ugly!! And believe me there are some ugly truths to be unearthed in the gluten free industry. Gluten free does NOT automatically equal healthy. Some of the gluten free products available on our supermarket shelves are in fact less healthy than their non gluten free counterparts
The same applies to many gluten free recipes. Little account is taken of the need to heal the damaged gut and many of the gluten free recipes that are available do not take account of this and even include ingredients that will exacerbate your inflamed condition 
Many gluten free products and recipe books should have the caption "Buyer Beware"
My book also includes 32 healthy gluten free recipes as well as recipes to help to heal the gut
You can buy a copy on Amazon Really Healthy Gluten Free Living
Here is what other people have said about my book

Janet, I just read your book, "Really Healthy Gluten Free Living" and want to thank you for the wonderful information. Just finding out about barley was priceless because I was under the misapprehension that it was a gluten free grain! I gave up wheat and associated wheat products 7 months ago to try and rid myself of food intolerances and excess weight. I thought I had a healthy diet since I've been vegetarian for many years, but I gained a ton of weight last summer and felt terrible. I couldn't understand it since I wasn't over-eating.

Then I read the book Wheat Belly and one light came on. So I gave up wheat immediately. Then I read more and gave up sugar, dairy, and soy as well. 48lbs lighter but still getting stomach cramps and digestion issues I wasn't sure what else to stop eating! This morning I got your book, read it in one sitting and now I think I have everything I need to get my health back! THANK YOU!



Hi Janet

I have just finished reading your books ‘Is stress your silent killer’ and ‘Really healthy gluten free living’, I found them both great, not too long and laborious like other books I have read, I have taken points from both, I always think if you just take one point from a book that helps you then it was well worth reading it.

I write this as I have just finished a bowl of ‘bone broth’, this was a great comfort to me, fairly newly diagnosed with coeliac, I found myself in a state of loss, and very stressed.  I have always been a normal weight, ate quite healthy, indulged on the odd take away, never been on a diet in my life, and never needed it to be honest, I felt I had a good balance of exercise and good eating habits, then I had my diagnosis, now I’m constantly checking labels and now quite scared of food, I still find myself having nightmares that I have eaten a slice of bread, which is quite bizarre.  My first blood test after being diagnosed came back with zero antibodies, so I have been eating correctly, although I do avoid the processed gluten free stuff from the ‘free from’ aisle, I had noticed that there seemed a lot of ingredients and extra additives in the products, so choose to make my own now. 

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any improvements in my stomach complaints and your book helped explain the reasons why, it appears that my stomach just hasn’t healed properly yet.  I was bought up on broths and old fashioned cooking so to be told that my favourite broths are actually exactly the type of food I need to be eating is great, the only problem is that my boyfriend and 4 year old daughter also love it so I have to make a huge batch, I find my pressure cooker invaluable as it does reduce the cooking time and when the broth has cooled down and been in the fridge overnight, it’s great for transporting to work in it’s jelly state.

Anyway, this email is just to say thank you for taking the time to write down your experience and knowledge to help people like me, you will probably never know how many lives you have actually helped, well here’s one for the list, thank you.