Candida Can Be Fun

Candida is FunCandida Can be Fun! – A Survival Guide For Yeasties

by Rebecca Richardson

Rebecca Richardson – was a typical teenager who enjoyed  regular boozy weekends and a diet of bread and pasta.  The problem was that this lifestyle continued for almost 2 decades until Rebecca’s health stopped her in her tracks.  Headaches, itching, cystitis, thrush and where just a few of the regular symptoms she was experiencing. Eventually, in her desperation to find a cure, she stumbled across a nutritionist who was able to diagnose her condition as Candida Albicans and immediately put her on a strict anti candida diet and a regime of supportive supplements.

In her book Candida can be Fun, Rebecca discusses what to do when you are diagnosed with Candida. She gives you a detailed list of the foods you are allowed to eat and also the brands of the foods she has used in her recipes

The recipe section is exquisitely presented with photographs of the finished dish for every recipe. The recipes are Rebecca’s own creations or adaptations. She includes breakfasts, soups, salads, meat dishes, fish dishes and plenty of vegetarian options. Of course there are no desserts as sweet food feeds candida and is therefore banned on an anti candida diet. However the recipes she includes are so nutritious and filling that you wouldn’t have room for anything else!!

With 100 recipes to choose from you will never be short of ideas of what to eat.

Rebecca also discusses the treatment protocol she followed with her nutritionist with a week by week suggestion of how to implement it. Of course she very sensibly points out that the information is to educate and inform and doesn’t replace the need to have to the support of a nutritional therapist when embarking on a supplement program such as this.

Because of recent research I have done I would recommend that the only oils/fats you use to cook with are coconut oil, ghee (clarified butter which has the casein removed) and olive oil, but only if being used at low temperatures. Vegetable oils are very unstable at high temperatures and are very prone to oxidative damage. However I recently visited Rebecca’s website and notice that she had added this addendum, I pleased to see that she had taken the trouble to draw attention to this new information. I understand she also sends out an addendum with the cookery book.

Also, it has recently been brought to my attention that rapeseed oil and olive oil may not be the most suitable oils for cooking at high temperatures.  Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil is great for dressings (although always buy this in a dark glass bottle), but I would recommend you purchase some coconut oil for frying foods.  Tiana is one organic brand that I would suggest and you may even want to try using ghee (Pukka also do an organic brand which is gluten and lactose-free, but take care if you are dairy intolerant, just in case).  You can do a Google search online for where to buy these.

My only other reservation is that personally I wouldn’t use any soy products as there is a lot of controversy surrounding the health benefits v dangers of soy and the evidence seems as yet to be inconclusive so I would err on the side of caution. It is of course up to the individual to make that decision and the soy products can easily be substituted if that is your preference

I highly recommend Candida Can Be Fun! and I am convinced you will enjoy the fun recipes and the lighthearted approach to this very debilitating illness

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