Book Reviews

Because I have had a real passion for health and wellness over the last 30 plus years I have amassed an enmorous library on the subject of wellness in body, mind and spirit and will be offering reviews of these books on a regular basis.

Candida Can Be Fun

Is Stress Your Silent Killer 

Metabolic Typing

Really Healthy Gluten Free Living


Product Reviews

With so many health and weight loss products available online, and some of them are certainly not cheap, it is hard to discern which ones may be the best ones for you. Most of them have amazing sales pages that seem to tell you all you want to know, but at the end of the day they are trying to sell you their product and are using all sorts of tactics to entice you to buy.

Every so often I find a product that has received excellent reviews from a number of people online whose opinion I value and so I will purchase the product to see for myself if the reviews are genuine. When I do this I post my review and my own considered opinion of products that I think are worth the money and do what they say on the tin.

The products that I have reviewed to date are as follows

The Diet Solution Program

Fat Burning Furnace