Is Leaky Gut Syndrome the Cause of Your Health Problems?

Do you have Leaky Gut Syndrome?

The majority of people have never heard of leaky gut syndrome, let alone know what causes it or what symptoms are as a result of it. It is probably one of the single most important factors that determines your overall health. It is something I have suffered from myself, and like many of you I had no idea what it was, what had caused it or what to do about it until I was diagnosed. 




Your gut is the place where your food is digested and absorbed, and where 80% of your immune system resides. If your gut isn't healthy then you aren't healthy either and you will very likely be experiencing various symptoms that you may not be relating to the health of your gut.

Leaky Gut Syndrome 

So what is leaky gut syndrome, how does it happen and what can you do about it? The good news is, it is possible to prevent leaky gut and it is also possible to heal it once it has happened.

Causes of Leaky Gut

  • One of the main causes of leaky gut is a product called gluten. Gluten is found in almost all flours and it is very damaging to the gut wall. Over time it causes small holes to appear in the gut wall causing it to be porous (hence the term leaky gut) Particles of undigested food, toxins, and yeasts can pass through the gut wall into the blood stream and can be responsible for a whole host of allergic reactions, inflammation and other unpleasant symptoms. 

Leaky gut is also caused by

  • stress
  • prescription medications
  • a diet high in refined sugar and processed foods

How to Heal a Leaky Gut

If leaky gut syndrome is primarily caused by gluten it might be reasonable to suppose that eliminating gluten would solve the problem. Unfortunately for many people this doesn't necessarily happen. There are many people who have been diagnosed either celiac or gluten intolerant, wnd who have embarked on a gluten free diet only to find that they are still experiencing some unpleasant symptoms. Although eliminating gluten is vitally important, it isn't the whole story.

So why might this be??

In the following video you will hear a doctor explaining the reasons why a gluten free diet may not be enough to heal the gut and what you need to do in addition to eliminating gluten, to heal your leaky gut.



In my book Really Healthy Gluten Free Living I discuss in more detail what constitutes a healthy gluten free diet and I explain why your diet may not be aiding your full recovery and what you need to do about it. I also include several healthy gluten free recipes for you to try and recipes that are specifically aimed at healing the gut.

Leaky Gut Syndrome is one of those conditions that creeps up on you when you are least expecting it. One day all is well, the next day you are starting to suffer from gut related problems and related allergies. Don't leave it until it is too late. The sooner you follow the really healthy gluten free living protocol, the sooner your leaky gut will heal and the sooner you will be on the road to recovery and optimal health.

Over the next few weeks I will be adding some gluten free recipes to my blog that aren't in my book – so watch this space 


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10 comments to Is Leaky Gut Syndrome the Cause of Your Health Problems?

  • Michael David Lawrience

    Good! Conditions with the large intestine can also involve inflammation from other sources, high toxicity in the cells, candida, parasites, and heavy metals.

  • Janet

    Thanks Michael you are absolutely right. When I was diagnosed with leaky gut some years ago I was also diagnosed with parasites and yeast (not candida interestingly) Our bodies have to deal with some much rubbish it is unbelievable

  • John

    Really interesting post Janet.  As you know I started cooking and eating gluten free when I married my coeliac wife.  I noticed improvements in my health very quickly though I do not have coeliac disease.  It would seem we would all benefit from at least reducing gluten in our diet.


  • Janet

    Hi John – I think you are right we can all benefit from eliminating gluten in our diet as we find gluten almost impossible to break down and digest whether we have Celiac Disease or not. I think Celiac Disease is the worst kind of gluten sensitivity and the most likely to cause leaky gut syndrome.

  • Liam Lusk

    Hello Janet,

    Thank you for a very informative post.

    As we get older it is always wise to start looking at what we eat and trying to deal with stress levels.

    Whilst I believe I don't have this particular syndrome I will be sure to check back just in case you cover something that is relevant to me.


  • Janet

    Thanks Liam – I actually think it is helpful for all of us to eliminate gluten from time to time to give our bodies a rest from the potential damaging effects. I had no idea that I had a gluten intolerance until the damage was done!!

  • Wendy Owen

    Good information here Janet. Not many people know about leaky gut and the fact that it can be caused by gluten. I try to have a "gluten free" week every so often, although it's not easy unless you cook your own food from scratch!

  • Janet

    I think it is often about moderation. I also think if we were already having a healing diet with lots of bone broth and probiotic foods we would be taking measures to prevent leaky gut in the first place

  • Marion Scales

    Janet, I just read your book, "Really Healthy Gluten Free Living" and want to thank you for the wonderful information. Just finding out about barley was pricelss because I was under the misapprehension that it was a gluten free grain! I gave up wheat and associated wheat products 7 months ago to try and rid myself of food intolerances and excess weight. I thought I had a healthy diet since I've been vegetarian for many years, but I gained a ton of weight last summer and felt terrible. I couldn't understand it since I wasn't over-eating.

    Then I read the book Wheat Belly and one light came on. So I gave up wheat immediately. Then I read more and gave up sugar, dairy, and soy as well. 48lbs lighter but still getting stomach cramps and digestion issues I wasn't sure what else to stop eating! This morning I got your book, read it in one sitting and now I think I have everything I need to get my health back! THANK YOU!

  • Janet

    Marion that is wonderful to hear. Thank you so much for getting in touch. Remember it isn’t just about “giving up” its also about adding the healthy foods to heal your gut as well. 

    Good luck  

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