Healthy Life Summit – with 35 of the best experts in their field

Healthy Life

Have you ever wondered how to live a really healthy holistic life?

Now is your opportunity to find out. There will be 35 of the top experts in the natural health field taking part in a virtual conference. You will be able view these live presentations in the comfort of your own home.

You can register for FREE. The topics on offer will cover a wide range of categories including healthy eating, healthy living, healthy body, healthy babies and healthy world.

Conference Details

  • The Healthy Life Summit will take place over 7 days during the week March 24th – March 30th
  • On each of the 7 days there will be 5 different presentations.
  • Each of these presentations will be available for you to watch free for the following 24 hours.
  • Each day when the new presentations are made available the previous day's presentations will be taken down


Please note that it is necessary to register to have free access to the daily presentations.

If you want to be able to listen to these presentations at your leisure in the future then you will be able to purchase the recordings after the conference for $199.

However "the early bird catches the worm" – or in this case catches the discounted recordings. The Early Bird discount is a massive 75% which means you can get the complete set of recordings for $49 as long as you pre order the recordings before March 23rd. If you order between 24th March and 30th March it will cost you $79. From 31st March onwards it will be the full price of $199

Conference Line Up

Healthy Life Summit 2

There will be 35 experts in total including:

Sally Fallon author of the best selling book Nourishing Traditions will talk about the correct way to feed babies and children as well as childhood illnesses and vaccinations. Sally is also the founder of The Weston A Price Foundation

Julia Ross author of The Mood Cure will talk about healing the mind and body with food

Donna Gates author of The Body Ecology Diet will talk about using fermented foods and "real food" to restore health

Jeffrey Smith author of Seeds of Deception will talk about the health and environmental hazards of GMOs

Bill Staley and Hayley Mason authors of Make it Paleo will share their tips for making delicious grain free dishes

Diane Sanfilippo author of Practical Paleo will teach you how to get rid of your sugar cravings in just 3 weeks

Plus 29 other reknowned authors, experts and speakers in the field of holistic health


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