Is Stress Your Silent Killer?

stress relief

Several years ago I was head of a pupil referral unit, a center for pupils who had emotional and behavioural problems. As you might imagine it was a very stressful job, not helped by the fact that we had inadequate premises on two sites a mile apart and also there was a lack of support from the management at the local education authority. In addition to this I had 3 teenagers at home all going through their own issues, finding out who they were, asserting themselves and experimenting with life. Needless to say after several years of dealing with these issues I realised I was suffering from chronic stress and it was starting to affect my health and well being. This stressful situation became so entrenched that it was necessary for me to take 6 months off sick to try and redress the balance in my life.

This long journey back to health involved many different stress relief practices, most of which are popular and well renowned techniques for helping to relieve stress. It wasn't until recent months that I realised that I had actually been on a journey of discovery and had in fact made many subtle changes to my life without even realising. Without these changes I believe that I would not have dealt with the stress so effectively. After all the causes of stress come and go and we have to be aware of a similar stress appearing in a different guise so that we can deal with it before it effects our immunity and eventually our health.

In my book Is Stress Your Silent Killer? as well as discussing what stress is and how to use the popular techniques to deal with it, I talk about my own journey and how I discovered what the real cause of my stress was.

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