Beat the Diet Trap

Beat_the_Diet_Trap Obesity is now a worldwide epidemic. There are more people on weight loss diets than ever before. Many of these poeople have been trying to lose weight off and on for years, but for some reason they are unable to maintain their weight loss and intead they jump from one diet regime to another hoping to find the holy grail of weight loss. 

A health survey in the UK revealed that in households where both parents are overweight or obese, 19.8% of their children will be obese as opposed to 6.7% of children living in households where neither parent is obese or overweight. This fact alone indicates that correct eating habits need to start at home either sooner or later. The parents need to be a good example to their children and also to encourage them to eat a healthy diet. If they are not doing that themselves it is unlikely their children will either.

Weight loss is a complex business. Certain foods affect our bodies in ways we find difficult to undersatnd. People who are unable to research these facts for themselves need the help of an expert to guide them along the right path,

So how do we beat the diet trap??

 In my latest book Beat the Diet Trap you will discover

  • How the obesity epidemic first began.
  • Why we gain weight (it’s not what you have been told)
  • The truth about the myths that surround weight loss.
  • The truth about exercise, and its effect on weight loss.
  • The link between obesity and degenerative disease.
  • Tips and hints for managing a successful weight loss program.

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