A Healthy Alternative

I belong to several health related forums online. Recently I have been made more and more aware of the plight of many young people with young families who are suffering from ill health. Many of these families are suffering together and their whole lives are affected by their incapacity. As a health professional my instinct is to want to help them, but something tells me that in most cases this is virtually an impossible task.

The most important lesson I have learned from this is in regard to my own health situation. The fact that I have recently been diagnosed with various health issues has required me to adhere to a special, restricted diet. Although this has posed no real challenge for me, it has alerted me to the fact that I am somewhat obsessed with what I eat. My attention is focused solely on my lack of full health and my determination to do something about it. At no time do I think about myself as whole and well. I do of course want to be whole and well but that is something in the future.

I have come to the sudden realization that this in  itself is an unhealthy approach to life  and I need to find a healthy alternative.  As a result of various coincidences in the last week I have found myself listening to the videos of Abraham Hicks.

Esther and Jerry Hicks are an amazing couple who, though a series of events over 20 years ago found themselves instruments in the process of leading people to wholeness through the collective voice of Abraham and the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction basically teaches that we attract what we think about. So if we are constantly thinking about our ill health then that is what we will get.  We somehow have to change the way we think, we need a healthy alternative to our normal way of viewing our health. A way of taking the emphasis away from ill health and focusing on our well-being.

The following video will help to explain what I mean

2 comments to A Healthy Alternative

  • Frank's Son

    I am very interested in your comments regarding the idea that wholeness and wellness are ideals that we strive for. I struggle to keep a firm grasp in the present what the reality of those things represent. I can forever project an idea of what wellness/wholeness are/is, but without actually realising and being fully committed to wellness in the present the projection is only ever that, a projection. Are you suggesting that there is an end to the cycle? Is there an ideal do you think?

  • Janet

    Hi Frank’s Son – You pose a very interesting question. In one sense the cycle is an end in itself. If we are to believe that health has to be experienced at the vibrational level then health can be in the here and now, but in order for this to continue we have to maintain the vibration. The ideal, I imagine, would be the realization of perfect health on an ongoing basis. The possibilities available to us through the law of attraction are endless, but that said, it requires a real understanding of the process and a dedication that may well be difficult to sustain.