Detoxing Naturally Requires Careful Preparation

What does it actually mean when we say we want to detox naturally? Does it mean to allow our bodies to detox without any interference? In an ideal world where we regularly eat a healthy diet and lead the type of healthy lifestyle that our ancestors did, detoxing as nature intended may be a more feasible proposition. Our bodies do in fact have their own natural detox mechanisms. The gut is designed to prevent bacteria and many toxins from entering the body. The liver acts as an extraordinary chemical factory to make a water soluble compound that can be excreted by the kidneys. This enables the body to detox naturally. The body also dumps toxins while we sleep to be excreted again as nature intended. We can re-hydrated our bodies with simple tap water and be refreshed with a good nights sleep.

Unfortunately in our present day and age the health of the gut cannot be taken for granted as a protector. More and more we are seeing health problems caused by increased permeability of the gut wall, which means it is not as capable of preventing toxins from entering the body. The detox process is largely reliant on the efficiency of the liver, but unfortunately with the stresses and strains of modern day living and lifestyle habits the liver is not longer able to function optimally, leaving the detox process largely unfinished.

Many people go on a detox diet as a way of making up for the way they have treated their bodies over the previous months (and maybe years) but what many people fail to do is to ensure that the liver is able to cope with the increasing load that is put upon it during a detox program. Consequently we can experience headaches and minor skin eruptions as the body struggles to get rid of the toxins.

Every good detox program should without a doubt begin with a liver boosting regime. This can be done with gentle herbs, coffee enemas or castor oil packs, all of which help to stimulate the liver to be more productive and therefore eliminate the unnecessary side effects.

If you want to embark on a tried and tested regime then you may prefer some thing like the Master Cleanse System

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